Euro Iran Business Consultant
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  • Support that is critical to success in this emerging market

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Iran At a Glance

Iran is one of the largest untapped markets in the world and probably the last opening up of a major market in the decades to come. With a US$400bn economy, one of the lowest foreign debts in the world, a population of 80M the majority of whom are below 35, the 2nd largest hydrocarbon reserves in the world, the top 10 reserves of Minerals and an educated work force, this is not a market any global business can ignore.
Iran has a diverse economy with Oil & Gas comprising only 17% of the GDP. Manufacturing and construction each comprise 11% of GDP. Hence it would not be surprising to learn that the country is the 4th largest producer of Cement in the world. In 2011 Iran produced 1.65 million cars ranking 13th in the world.
The potentials for international businesses in all industrial and consumer sectors are astounding and this is the time to position and enter the market.